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Fantasy Focus: Spring Into Fall

Wait, what?

MLS: Colorado Rapids at D.C. United Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The season is over! Good job, everyone! Well played.

Yes, it’s true. In the process of turning over the apple cart over the winter for some dumb reason, Fantasy MLS instituted spring and fall seasons, and we just completed the former. This by itself is not the worst thing. For novice fantasy players, it provides the opportunity to figure out the game in the spring season, so when the game resets for the fall you can compete with the veterans.

So, now that the All-Star Game is upon us, potentially screwing with players we’d like to play in the first round of the fall season, we celebrate the best of the spring:

It was close for a little while there, but MILLERtime When WYNNE’n won the spring season comfortably in the end, with a margin of 97 points. And now the numbers reset and we all take a run at toppling the champion in the fall. We also recognize Acosta Bennyfits, winner of the Head-to-Head league playoffs.

Looking Ahead

As I’ve said, things are resetting for the fall season. Scores are going back to zero, but that’s not all.

- Team salary caps will rest back to $100 million

- Player prices will reset back to their original value… well mostly

So right now you’re probably thinking, “wait, what does ‘well mostly’ mean?” We all know that player prices and positions are always a bit of a guess at the start of the season. Some players always overperform and others quickly become a waste of cash. The spring/fall reset allows the opportunity for players to be tuned if they were noticeably over or underpriced. You can expect the majority of players to reset back to their original spring value, but a few will be adjusted.

I hate this. If you picked up a player at a low price and he played really well, not only are you losing all the value he would have accrued, but you’re now forced to pay more for him than you did before. You played the game right, and now they’re leveling the playing field for everyone else.

I don’t know how playing in the ASG is going to affect playing time for these guys, but I know how not playing in it will affect Zlatan Ibrahimovic: he’s going to miss the Galaxy’s next game, at hapless Colorado. That’s too bad from a fantasy standpoint, and I think effectively suspending guys who refuse to play mid-season exhibitions is ridiculous, but lol at the Galaxy anyway. Looking towards guys you should play, and leaving out salaries because I don’t know what they’re going to be after the transition to the fall, I like Jesse Gonzalez (FCD) in goal at home against generally hapless but especially-hapless-on-the-road San Jose, and Anton Tinnerholm (NYC) in defense at home against Vancouver. I wince as I suggest Ignacio Piatti (MTL) in midfield at home against DCU (hedge your bets, D.C. fans!), and I like Ola Kamara (LAG) at forward because Ibrahimovic is out, and Kamara’s got two goals and an assist over his last three matches.