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D.C. United vs. Colorado Rapids staff and reader predictions

Both teams are bad but we will be less bad.

D.C. United are back at it for their third game in a week, facing the Colorado Rapids at Audi Field following a disappointing midweek showing against the New York Red Bulls.

We were feeling confident going into Wednesday’s game and were solidly proven wrong, but this time we at least have the advantage of the Rapids also being...not very good. Yay mediocrity!

Donald Wine II

The Rapids are terrible. We’re not playing well. But the Rapids are terrible. That’s why we’re going to win, 2-1. Asad gets one from Rooney, and then Rooney finally gets his first.

Adam Taylor

Los Capitalinos bounce back from the—underwhelming isn’t really strong enough—performance against Jersey and jump out to an early lead against the Rapids. Rooney gets the start against a team that plays like Vancouver, only more so, and the AAAS midfield run rampant. Yamil Asad scores adds to his team lead in goals early to set the tone, but Rooney is the star, setting up that opener and scoring one of his own (assisted by Lucho Acosta) before halftime. He completes the brace just after the half, and Colorado just do their Colorado thing. 3-0 good guys as David Ousted gets his first clean sheet in Black-and-Red (or blue, or whatever color he wears as a GK. You get my meaning, OK?).

Ben Bromley

The only saving grace is that the Colorado Rapids are not very good either, so D.C. United has a chance to perform like they did against the Vancouver Whitecaps and not like they did against the Red Bulls or Atlanta. This team needs to build towards a successful end to the season, playoffs or not, and that starts with winning games like this. 2-1 to the good guys, with Wayne Rooney opening his account past Tim Howard to win the game.

Leanne Elston

OK honestly we can’t not win this game, because it would just be embarrassing. Thus, we will 2-0 with goals from Asad and Rooney. Yes, I predicted these goalscorers for the last game. IT’S GONNA HAPPEN FOR REAL THIS TIME.

Ryan Keefer

There is a teeny bit of uncertainty here, in that it’s hard to predict just what new Rapids acquisition Kellyn Acosta brings to the fold. Nevertheless, D.C. hosts the Rapids, goes to Montreal, and hosts Orlando over their next three games. And the Rapids’ points per game is actually less than D.C., go figure! Wayne Rooney and Zoltan Stieber contribute goals, and Acosta will impress and score in his debut for the enemy (because remember, D.C.’s defense is still bad) as D.C. picks things up right in a 2-1 win.


And the Colorado Rapids in July

I’ve seen their shots sail through the distant sky

The songs sung by their fans are softer than a lullaby

Five points in July, Colorado. Five points in July.

2-0 United.

Jason Anderson

We’ve seen in the last 3 games where United is right now: able to beat up on a mediocre foe at home, not able to hang with MLS’s actual good teams. Well, here’s a plus: Colorado is worse than mediocre! Yamil Asad makes up for his first off-night in front of goal by putting D.C. up very early, and the Rapids show no ability to mount a comeback. Wayne Rooney shows us what he can do against a team that sits deep (a la Vancouver), and eventually gets his first DCU goal on an assist from Luciano Acosta. 2-0 United in possibly the easiest game of the year.

Do you think the Black-and-Red get back on track in this game, or do you see foresee trouble? Share your prediction in the comments, but stop by today’s silly poll first.


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