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D.C. United vs. Seattle Sounders staff and reader predictions

Only one Washington can prevail.

After a week off (though there was that Open Cup victory on penalties Tuesday), D.C. United are back on the MLS schedule this week with a #DCUAfterDark match-up against the Seattle Sounders.

The Black-and-Red currently sit at the bottom of the Eastern Conference, but the Sounders aren’t doing much better in the Western Conference with just 8 eight points from 11 games this season and three losses leading into this game.

Does that matter? As per usual with MLS, it’s impossible to say. But here’s how we think the battle of the Washingtons will go down.

Donald Wine II

We gonna win. I can feel it. It’s gonna be 3-1, with goals by Acosta and Stieber x2. It’s gonna be fun to watch too.

Ryan Keefer

So D.C. is unbeaten in their last three games (across two competitions) and has more points and goals scored than Seattle, who have not scored any goals in more than 300 minutes and have won once in six weeks, and D.C. sniffed so much as a point in ANY game with Seattle was back in 2012, when they scored 0 goals to do so. Prime opportunity!

Which is why D.C. will lose 2-0 on goals by Will Bruin and a late goal from Nicolas Lodeiro. At this point I just don’t have the faith that D.C. can step on the gas of a Sounders’ club whose morale is as low as D.C.’s appears to be, in a game whose circumstances pretty much cry out for it. And given that most of D.C.’s starters got some long run in the Open Cup match then got on a five hour flight Thursday, I don’t think they have it in them. Hope I’m wrong.


I’m still on European time after a transcontinental flight and staying up to watch the Capitals win the Stanley Cup, so take this 2-1 United win prediction with a heap of salt. Mattocks, Acosta, and a full night of sleep please.

Adam Taylor

Rooney Rooney roadtrip. Rooney Rooney unbeaten in two-ney. Wayne Wazza Washington east > Wayne Wazza Washington west.

Lucho Rooney x Wayne Mattocks + Wazza Stibi free kick = 3 Rooney points. 2-0 Rooneys.

Jason Anderson

United is a better team than Seattle right now, and they’re in a better place mentally. Tuesday’s Open Cup game didn’t go as smoothly as it should have, but it went a lot better than Seattle getting dumped out of the competition by a lower-level opponent. However, the Sounders do have a really strong defense, and United has struggled at breaking organized teams down. I think this game plays out pretty evenly, with few real chances either way. Will Bruin gets Seattle a rare goal on a blunder in the back from D.C., but Zoltan Stieber tucks away a cross from Darren Mattocks moments later and the Black-and-Red come home with a 1-1 draw. At the start of the season, this would be a great result; in our current context, it’ll feel more like a C+ sort of game.

Leanne Elston

We’re all over the place with these predictions so I’ll throw something else into the mix. How about a 2-2 draw? We’ve seen that this team is capable of scoring goals, and I don’t think that changes. However, I’m not really feeling winning vibes, either, so I’m envisioning a fun game that ultimately ends in shared points.

What’s your prediction for this one? Let us know in the comments, but first, you know it’s silly poll time.


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