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D.C. United’s Open Cup hopes stay alive & more: Freedom Kicks for 6/6/18

Also, a Syamsir Alam sighting!

MLS: U.S. Open Cup-D.C. United vs North Carolina FC Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Hi again. I’m helping out Donald and will stay out of his way as much as possible here, so his Kicks can be enjoyed in peace.

Happy Wednesday folks. I’m over here in Europe, where I attended the Luxembourg-Georgia match at a not-packed-to-capacity Stade Josy Barthel. A 1-0 victory for the home side gives them some confidence that they really need, and it was fun to take in a random match along the way. I’m also writing this at midnight local time, which means someone else will be adding in the U.S. Open Cup results for D.C. United since it will be the middle of the night. Blasiansays, I don’t know how you do it.

Okay, here’s some news:

D.C. United escape North Carolina FC in penalties in U.S. Open Cup (us): This was fun (It was NOT fun). Drop in recaps for yucks as you see fit.

FIFA files criminal complaint over World Cup ticket sales | NBC Sports

FIFA doesn’t want anyone else making money but them. If you guys have messages for them, I will be there next week and I will hand deliver them.

Argentina cancel friendly against Israel after threats, officials say | ESPNFC

Probably best for all concerned, but it sucks that we still have to deal with this in 2018.

Man Utd: Fred deal agreed and Diogo Dalot set to sign | BBC

No, not that Fred. Another Fred is headed to Manchester United after the World Cup.

Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos hits back over Salah and Karius criticism | The Guardian

Sergio Ramos is fighting back after people believe that he intentionally caused hard to both Mohamed Salah and Loris Karius. Spoiler alert: he’s right. Don’t @ me.

Yep, a quick one from me. Someone will add the USOC results and hopefully, I have a match to attend when I return!

Romantis! Ini Lho Gaya Makan Pesepak Bola Alam Bareng Kekasih (Detik): Apparently former D.C. United player Syamsir Alam is hanging out with the...Giada De Laurentis of Indonesia? Either way, I saw this last night and am putting this in Donald’s links for laughs.

Now you may go.