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2018 World Cup: Time, TV schedule and how to watch Denmark vs. Australia online

Today could be the most entertaining day of the whole World Cup

Every World Cup has its ups and downs, and yesterday was probably a down day. Three 1-0 wins for favorites, none of whom played particularly well, is hardly a recipe for fun as a neutral. However, you should cheer up, because today looks like it will make up for it. Denmark plays Australia this morning in a game that could well feature a ton of attacking play in transition, while Argentina and Croatia seem destined to provide drama at the end of the day. In the middle of all that? France and Peru, who could combine for the group stage’s most entertaining match.

Denmark vs. Australia

What to watch for: These two teams had broadly opposite outcomes in their openers. Australia played quite well, frustrating France with a defend-and-counter approach that was well-executed, but they still lost. The Danes, meanwhile, were largely outplayed by Peru, yet managed to get away with it in a 1-0 win. Expect to see a more aggressive approach from the Socceroos, and not just because a loss would virtually ensure their elimination. They almost pulled off an upset of one of the favorites, and this time around they have nothing to fear.

Location: Cosmos Arena (Samara)

Kickoff time: 8:00am Eastern

Available TV: Fox Sports 1, Telemundo

Available streaming: Fox Sports Go, Telemundo

France vs. Peru

What to watch for: This game might be the most fun game of the entire first round. France is France, a team full of skillful, creative players who all want to play with panache. And Peru, while perhaps lacking in goalscoring touch, is also full of skillful, creative players who love to put on a show.

What could possibly stand in their way? France coach Didier Deschamps, seen here ordering dessert:

Deschamps pairs bland tactics with a “survive and advance” mindset that is great for underdogs and exceedingly boring for favorites. Let’s hope the players settle this game rather than it being a tactical battle.

Location: Central Stadium (Yekaterinburg)

Kickoff time: 11:00am Eastern

Available TV: Fox, Telemundo

Available streaming: Fox Sports Go, Telemundo

Argentina vs. Croatia

What to watch for: A win for the Croats guarantees them a place in the knockout round, and that prospect is actually far more likely than the reputations of these two teams would suggest. Argentina, just like always, seems unable to do anything other than pass Leo Messi the ball and hope he bails them out. Throw in a back four made up of players you praise for their attacking utility because it’s more fun than acknowledging that they can’t defend, and you have a team that could crash out despite having an all-timer on their team.

Call it a hunch, but this game may be the most emotional of the day. Argentina will be under intense pressure to get a result, and Croatia is more than willing to get physical. Uzbek referee Ravshan Irmatov, reputed to be among the world’s best, is goign to have his hands full.

Location: Nizhny Novgorog Stadium (Nizhny Novgorod)

Kickoff time: 2:00pm Eastern

Available TV: Fox, Telemundo

Available streaming: Fox Sports Go, Telemundo

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