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Two sleeps until the 2018 World Cup: Freedom Kicks for 6/12/18

Look, it’s basically all World Cup stuff, OK?

You guys, the World Cup has not even started yet and already I am drowning in World Cup articles and news and opinions and photos and and and

Oh man. I need a breather. Because we’re about to dive into a Freedom Kicks that is essentially all about the World Cup, but I suspect you’re not even mad about it.

Morocco seeks two World Cup upsets: On the field in 2018 and in bids for 2026 | The Washington Post

Yes but do they have a STRONG bid. We apparently have a STRONG bid and it would be a shame to not be supported in it.

As 2026 World Cup bid approaches, Gulati isn’t done with soccer, and soccer isn’t done with him | Yahoo! Sports

This is a decent logline for a movie I would watch on Netflix.

FOX Sports has a secret World Cup coverage weapon: Fernando Fiore | Yahoo! Sports

“If anybody says, ‘You’re like a clown,’ I say, ‘Listen, guys, I love clowns,’” Fiore tells Yahoo Sports. “It’s not insulting me. Clowns make people happy.” OK but, no, clowns are terrifying?? This is fact.

Fox replaces ESPN’s cult of British accents with maximum volume at World Cup | The Guardian

This article is so mean and I wasn’t expecting so much vitriol but it’s kind of amazing.

The Joy of Watching a World Cup Without the U.S. | The New Republic

I get it, kinda. I am much less stressed about the World Cup than I normally would be. And I do miss the stress, because it’s a fun kind of stress, but I’m also content enough to sit back and root for Germany, secure in the knowledge that they just won the World Cup so it’s OK if they don’t this time (even though it’s obviously not ok and they have to win ilu germany).

Mexico and the curse of the fifth game |

Look, I know there are a fair number of people willing to cheer for Mexico because the U.S. are not in it. I am not one of these people and therefore I say feel free to continue on with this curse.

What Will Happen: A World Cup preview that even we can’t quite believe | Howler

It’s the World Cup! Anything could happen!

OK, last thing, give it up for Nigeria for qualifying for the 2018 Africa Women’s Cup of Nations, which means they’ve also qualified for 2019 Women’s World Cup qualifying and y’all could be seeing them in France in next year. And I am done saying “qualify” now.

Go forth and have lovely days! Happy World Cup week!