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Salah, Vermes, and Torres (oh my): Freedom Kicks for 5/8/18

Also, stop yelling at kids playing soccer.

Whaddup, fam. Somehow we’re in the second week of May already? Time is a cruel mistress.

But it marches on, and here we are. Yet another Tuesday, and yet another Tuesday Freedom Kicks for you guy. Let’s get to it!

How Mohamed Salah rose from Chelsea benchwarmer to Ballon d’Or candidate | Yahoo! Sports

I don’t really follow the Premier League, but it’s been hard to miss Salah. I enjoyed reading this piece about his background.

Sporting KC manager Peter Vermes signs new deal after talks with US Soccer | Stars and Stripes FC


Peter Vermes’ evolution earned that extension from Sporting KC | MLS

*shrug* Okay.

Fernando Torres talks to proceed without Chicago Fire present | ESPN

“Sources said Torres wants to be in a city with warmer weather, which would point to Houston as his preferred destination.” Does he want warm or does he want “sticky humid oven”?

Youth soccer club silences sidelines, muting parents for weekend of quiet | The Washington Post

Reading articles about nutso sideline parents makes me really grateful that my parents only ever cheered me on at my soccer games growing up. Honestly my teams were so bad that no amount of shouted advice would’ve made us better.

All righty, folks, I’m out. Have fun in the comments!