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Russell Canouse looks up, Will Chang steps out & more: Freedom Kicks for 5/4/18

Also, suh-suh-butteo!

Atletico Madrid v Arsenal FC  - UEFA Europa League Semi Final Second Leg Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Hi, thanks to Jason for filling in for me Monday. Dealing with a sick kid who can’t talk about what’s bothering him is not that fun. Some of these are retrospective and perhaps tired, but just in case:

Segura hopes for summer trip to Russia (WaPo): Goff on Ulises Segura and his chances for Costa Rica’s national team.

D.C. United midfielder happy to be closer to Lancaster, but anxious for return to the field (Brotherly Game): Our Union friends on Russell Canouse.

Chang announces retirement from Board (USA Rugby): Hey, a Will Chang sighting...for USA Rugby?

Atlético book their place in the Europa League final (Into the Calderon): Why am I including a link to Atletico Madrid’s 1-0 win over Arsenal in here? No reason.

Southsiders blast Whitecaps management (CTV): In which the Vancouver Whitecaps’ supporters group publicly takes the team to task.

Subbuteo launch first ever all-female set ahead of FA Women’s Cup final (FourFourTwo): I haven't played Subbuteo in YEARS, but I need to get my kid into this game again.

Twitter urges all users to change passwords after glitch (Reuters): Dopes. Guess I’ll have to change mine to ‘password1’ now.

Finally, Radio Soulwax was the brainchild of 2manydjs, a pair of mashup artists (for lack of a better word) from Belgium. Below you will find “Introversy,” a mashup of 420 song introductions that should take up an hour or so of your time.