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More Wayne Rooney to D.C. United rumors, United vs. RSL, and more: Freedom Kicks for 5/11/2018

If you’re going to keep pondering this Rooney thing, at least do it outside

Before we descend into the world of Wayne Rooney to D.C. United talk that is consuming us all, I’d like to take this time to note that it’s supposed to be beautiful outside today. Find a way to get out there.

We are now in a world where TMZ is asking Ben Olsen about Wayne Rooney | Black and Red United
I wrote this last night in part to try to wrap my own head around this bizarre world we find ourselves in. Here’s hoping gravity still works more or less the same this morning.

In case you’re possibly floating away, let’s ground ourselves with some far more ordinary talk of D.C. United’s trip to face Real Salt Lake this weekend:

Track record of Top League vets bodes well for Rooney in MLS | NBC Sports Soccer
I don’t agree with every assessment here (Kaka an “unqualified success” on the field despite posting an average of 8 goals/6 assists a season, for example), but the idea here is one I haven’t seen discussed all that much. I have my skepticism about Rooney (16 years of pro soccer + playing through summer + travel he’s never dealt with before = good reason to worry), but we should also acknowledge that there’s an argument in his favor.

Of course, even when you consider that argument, you might still find yourself agreeing with Sebi Salazar:

Wayne Rooney has not asked to leave Everton, says Sam Allardyce | Sky Sports
Look, I’m not sure Sam Allardyce is actually going to say what’s true here so much as he’ll say what will get Everton the best deal, but here is a thing he said.

ExtraTime Radio: Is Wayne Rooney to D.C. United a good thing or bad thing? |
All Rooney All The Time!

The most sensible MLS landing pads for Andres Iniesta |
Greg Seltzer insists that Andres Iniesta should play for either United or the New York Red Bulls, because I guess he just likes to watch the world burn.

Personally I’d be more excited about Iniesta + a less expensive DP striker than Rooney + a less expensive DP at some other position, but I will say that signing Iniesta pretty much means showing Luciano Acosta the door. The scenario envisioned here, where United has two #10s, plus Yamil Asad, plus Darren Mattocks, plus possibly Rooney all on the field at once, seems...unlikely.

The Mike Petke Coaches Show: May 9, 2018 |
This is one of the coolest things going across MLS, and every team should do it. There’s not much here about this weekend’s game, but it’s a good time to bring it up nonetheless.

Speaking of cool things, I thought this was pretty cool:

Post Training Sound: Estelle Johnson and Jim Gabarra |
The Washington Spirit have an extremely tough game against the North Carolina Courage this weekend. Given that their last meeting with NC ended with a 4-2 loss, it’s no surprise that head coach Jim Gabarra and team captain Estelle Johnson are both talking about defending here. It sounds like there might be a curve ball in the works in terms of the Spirit’s tactical approach to this one.

Moving on, Sporting Kansas City is going to make some money on these Kansas City Wizards throwbacks:

Personally I think it’s pretty dubious to toss aside your club’s original identity, then come back after successful re-branding to profit off of the nostalgia your team’s old-timers have (not to mention selling them to folks who weren’t around for that era), but my team has never truly hit the reset button, and I’m not a KC fan, so I guess they can do as they will.

Rémi Garde on Fernando Torres |
I really enjoy the fact that the Montreal Impact go about their business in a totally unique manner. As such, I look forward to Rémi Garde rejecting this rumor in progressively stronger fashion, until such a point that he’s challenging Fernando Torres to a fight during an otherwise normal press conference.

Match Preview: Whitecaps vs. Houston Dynamo | Eighty Six Forever
Houston attempt to get first win on the road against Whitecaps. Who should be in the starting XI? | Dynamo Theory
A super-busy week in MLS continues tonight, with the Dynamo going to Vancouver to face the Whitecaps.

It’s wrong to hold Women’s World Cup qualifying games in North Carolina | Outsports
U.S. Soccer had plenty of control over where CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers would be held, and despite aligning themselves with pride and inclusion on numerous occasions, they’re pushing business towards a state that has laws that go directly against those ideals.

The Capitals Have a Chance to Bring Their History Full-Circle Against Tampa Bay | Japers’ Rink
The Washington Capitals open their first conference final series in 20 years tonight, and it’s against a team who tends to deliver the final blow before the Caps go through a major rebuild. Which, uh, might be on the way this offseason.

Nonetheless: Let’s! Go! Caps!

Alright, I’m done. Try to have fun out there.