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Champions League, 2026 World Cup, and more: Freedom Kicks for 5/1/2018

Also! *extreme JT voice* It’s May!

Spring has sprung!!! I am excite!!!!

I am less excite that we’ll probably get like two days of real spring before summer hits, BUT STILL.

Of course, no matter the weather, I am here for you with your Tuesday Freedom Kicks. Let’s do it!

Rocco Commisso Wants to Inject Half a Billion Into American Soccer–With a Catch | Sports Illustrated

Ugh I wish I had $500 million to toss towards things I want.

New CCL a “breakthrough,” but Concacaf exec wants more | MLS

Honestly he could change a bunch of things and I probably wouldn’t even notice because god I can’t keep all these things straight. Who’s with me? Lazy people unite!

President Trump Asks for Support From African Countries in USA’s Bid for 2026 World Cup | Sports Illustrated

I can’t believe this is even a thing, except yes of course I can believe it. Barf.

Bayern Munich need Robert Lewandowski to be the decisive striker they signed in 2014 | ESPN

I believe in you, Lewy!!!

Real Madrid’s Winning Tactic: Play Like They Own the Champions League | The Wall Street Journal

The WSJ writes about soccer?

Washington Spirit striker Francisca Ordega can’t stop scoring (or dancing) | B&RU

I am 1000% elephants here for this dancing.

That’s all from me, friends, so hit the comments with everything you’ve got!