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Champions League, new ESPN+, and more: Freedom Kicks for 4/3/18

Also checking in with Crystal Dunn.

Will spring ever come? I sit here, I wait, I am let down. I’m still wearing a puffy coat. A puffy coat! Why are things the way that they are.

^ that last bit also applies to how I’m feeling about DCU at the moment, but let’s not dwell

To the links!

ESPN+ launching on April 12; MLS LIVE games moving to platform | MLS

But it’s still only for out-of-market games, so those of us who don’t get NewsChannel 8 (me) are still left to watch DCU away games in other creative ways.

Concacaf’s Leader Earned $2 Million Last Year, More Than FIFA and UEFA Presidents | The New York Times

Good news, guys, the article also states that private jets, “stays at some of the world’s most exclusive hotels,” and limos are prohibited these days. CONCACAF officials are really slummin’ it.

U.S. Soccer Strikes Deal With STATSports For Monitoring Devices | Forbes

I would not want to know what one of those things would have to say about my fitness.

NC Courage features the reclamation of Crystal Dunn | WRALSportsFan

This is a good, pretty in-depth interview with Crystal Dunn. But like...what is going on with the photos that accompany it? They’re so weirdly edited.

‘There’s snobbery towards us American players’ | The Times

I thought this interview with Tim Ream was going to be pretty uninteresting, but it was a little more substantive than I was expecting.

Bayern Munich bouncing in Bundesliga, but Champions League presents tougher challenge | ESPN

Who should coach Bayern after Jupp Heynckes? I think Klinsmann is still available.

Champions League quarterfinals pits the usuals against some newcomers | Yahoo! Sports

I do enjoy when underdog-ish teams make it far in these kinds of tournaments...but at the same time, Bayern or bust, y’all.

That’s all from me! It’s your turn in the comments, so go nuts.