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Arsene Wenger, MLS trades, and more: Freedom Kicks for 4/24/18

Plus: a book recommendation.

Morning, friends! I’m going to start today with a completely non-soccer-related book recommendation, because I’m reading something fascinating right now: Killers of the Flower Moon. It’s non-fiction but, as someone who is not opposed to non-fiction in theory but doesn’t tend towards it often, I can vouch for how engrossing it is. It’s got millionaire Indians, a conspiracy to kill them, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI, and most importantly, the painful history of Indians in post-colonial America. The book came out a year ago so I’m a little late to the game here and maybe you already know all about it, but man, it is great.

OK, book review portion of Freedom Kicks is over! Let us direct our attention to soccer.

2018 MLS Ambition Rankings: Which Clubs Raise the Bar Highest as the League Grows? | Sports Illustrated

D.C. United pretty squarely in the middle here.

Nick Hornby: Arsenal free to dream of better future after Arsene Wenger exit | ESPNFC

Speaking of books! Fever Pitch is a good read.

Warshaw: Deals to do before the MLS trade deadline | MLS

Ah, MLS trades. Those things I can never keep up with. It’s embarrassing how often I watch an MLS game and say, “Wait, he plays there now?”

Hi, me again. Turns out I don’t have a lot to share today! I spent yesterday v. busy at work and didn’t keep up with the soccer news. (I agree, work is dumb and I should be allowed to spend all day ~surfing the web~) I don’t know, guys, I’m throwing it to you in the comments. Lazy FKs writer out!