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Hall of Fame nominees, Greek madness, and more: Freedom Kicks for 3/13/18


Heyo, everyone! It is Tuesday. And honestly, I don’t have that much for you guys today. Did I miss something big? Probably!

To the links!

Four United matches to be streamed live on Twitter in 2018 | D.C. United

I am very much here for this because I do not receive NewsChannel 8 and watching DCU away games is a huge pain in the butt.

Who should the USMNT call up to face Paraguay? | Stars and Stripes FC

If you are like me, you forgot that the USMNT has a friendly against Paraguay coming up on March 27. But they do!

Nominees for National Soccer Hall of Fame Class of 2018 Announced | U.S. Soccer

Fair number of DCU folks here, but I want to take this moment to cast my nonexistent vote for Steve Cherundolo, because I use any and all opportunities to express my appreciation for him. Steve Cherundolo is a national treasure.

Greek Super League suspended after armed PAOK owner’s pitch invasion | ESPN

Um??? The hell????

Lastly, there was this from Goff yesterday, which would be very cool:

You guys know the drill, so hit the comments with anything else and all your thoughts and feelings for the day.