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Yamil Asad to D.C. United, the USSF presidential election, & more: Freedom Kicks for 2/6/18

Also, Jermaine Jones needs his own reality show.

Hello! It’s February! It’s beginning to not get dark at 4:00 p.m., and I consider that a big win. Cheers to you, February. (Yes, I know it’s been February for almost a week now, but this is my first February Freedom Kicks of the year, okay?)

Anyway, got some stuff for you all this morning. To the links!

Reports: D.C. United to sign Yamil Asad on loan | B&RU
ICYMI yesterday.

Canouse and Harkes reflect on first USMNT experience | D.C. United
Honestly not that much reflecting going on in this article, but it’s nice all the same that these guys got some time with the national team.

United announce 2018 player numbers | D.C. United
The most important thing here is that nothing has changed to make my existing Mullins and Birdbomb jerseys inaccurate.

Who’s going to win the USSF presidential election on Feb. 10? | ESPN
For my part, I’m just sitting here like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m ready for this election to be over already so we can know what we’re dealing with.

Black History Month: The brilliant career of Briana Scurry | Stars and Stripes FC
Read up, folks!

Utah Royals ink jersey deal with Utah company Conservice; release secondary kit | RSL Soapbox
The “most lucrative jersey-front deal in American women’s soccer history.”

Jermaine Jones claims Don Garber rigged his New England move | LAG Confidential
I am here for the drama TBH.

Premier League: Winter break under discussion before new TV deal | BBC
Don’t worry, it would probably be in January and so wouldn’t affect the “traditional festive football schedule.” Phew.

That’s all from me! Hit the comments with anything else, and have lovely days, all of you.