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Gold Cup expanding, MLS kit judging, and more: Freedom Kicks for 2/27/18

Also, Kyle Martino was on Jeopardy.

Somehow we’ve almost arrived at March, which means we’ve almost arrived at a new MLS season, which means I need a moment to deal with the passage of time.

Okay, moment over! Did anyone see the Kyle Martino impersonator on Jeopardy last night? Alas, he did not win. But cool lady whose fun fact was that she’s a Harry Potter superfan won, so all is well.

Anyway, I’ve got links for you.

CONCACAF expands Gold Cup to 16 teams, explores multi-nation hosting setup | MLS

Basically all the info is right there in the headline, but yeah.

MLS Kit Critique 2018: Judging Every Team’s Home and Away Uniforms | Sports Illustrated

You can’t start a new season without Strauss’ kit critique. LAFC’s kits are truly the lamest.

Keeping the conversation going: Smart ideas we shouldn’t forget from the USSF election | FourFourTwo

And, hopefully we don’t forget them. These are indeed good ideas.

Why I Play for Iraq | The Players’ Tribune

This is great, and I loved reading about Justin Meram’s choice to play for Iraq. But: “And I can’t ignore that while playing in MLS I’ve had a few fans of other teams call me a ‘smelly terrorist’ and shout racial slurs at me during games.” WTF, MLS fans? Knock that tf off.

Kreis shaping revamped Orlando City for the post-Kaka era | Goal

Some reading for you in advance of this weekend’s game (this weekend!!).

Lohman Prepares for 2018 Comeback After 2017 Season Cut Short | Follow Your Spirit

Get it, girl.

That’s all I got, folks. To the comments with you!