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Ballon d’Or winners, Gregg Berhalter, and more: Freedom Kicks for 12/4/18

this is a no twerking zone

Hola amigos! Yesterday I told my coworkers that I watch Law & Order: SVU to decompress and I think they were pretty concerned about me. Whoops.

On to less concerning soccer things!

You all know we finally have a USMNT coach in Gregg Berhalter (but do we know why Gregg is spelled with three G’s?). And you know that means that folks have thoughts about it. Let’s get some of those out of the way first:

What is the USMNT getting in new coach Gregg Berhalter? | SB Nation

The Questions That Arise with USMNT’s Hiring of Gregg Berhalter | Sports Illustrated

All right, that’s that! We’ll just have to wait and see, obviously, what Berhalter does with the USMNT. At least we have something official now because I think we all were getting pretty sick of the speculation, uncertainty, etc.

Professional moron Martin Solveig asks Ballon d’Or winner Ada Hegerberg to twerk | SB Nation

some simple words of advice for y’all:



Ballon D’Or 2018 Results: Modric, Hegerberg Win; Mbappe Takes Kopa Trophy | Sports Illustrated

I’m actually not bored hearing these results for once. Idiotic men aside, this is all great!

Tyler Adams may be special, but he’s far from unique | MLS

Boehm with some thoughts on Tyler Adams and his move to RB Leipzig.

Guardian to reveal the 100 best female footballers in the world in 2018

OK so when I first saw this I thought it was gonna be their list of the 100 best, but it’s not, lol. But I’m still sharing it because I already copy/pasted it and I am lazy. Should be an interesting list when it is all ~revealed~ though!

That’s all from me! I’ll leave you with these CCL matchups: