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MLS playoff changes, Champions League draw, and more: Freedom Kicks for 12/18/18

Plus: Will DCU start the 2019 season against Atlanta?

Hello! I only have two more days of work this week AND this year. So I’m gonna run through these Freedom Kicks as quickly as I’m trying to run through my week.

D.C. United tentatively to open season at home against defending champion Atlanta | The Washington Post

Bring it on. Can’t wait kick off my new soccer rivalry with my parents in full.

MLS announce changes to 2019 playoffs | B&RU

I’m not mad at least not yet. Can’t say I’d be interested in starting the season in February though. February is the worst month, don’t @ me.

Washington Spirit lose Taylor Smith to torn ACL | B&RU

All the thumbs down for ACL tears.

Stejskal: Why FC Dallas turned to their academy to hire Luchi Gonzalez | MLS

Boehm: Who is Luchi Gonzalez? Get to know FC Dallas’ homegrown head coach | MLS

Some words on FC Dallas’ new coach.

Champions League knockout stage draw provides a jolt of intrigue the competition needed | Yahoo! Sports

Do you guys ever just randomly get the Champions League song stuck in your head? Or the MLS song?

I’m out, folks. Hope you’re all coming up on some holiday time off and relaxation, whether for Christmas if you celebrate, New Year’s, or just end-of-year downtime.