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D.C. United starts the offseason, Wayne Rooney gets closure & more: Freedom Kicks for 11/5/18

Also D.C. United tours...England?

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Hi. This is the 4th straight Monday that I’ll be home with my kid due to various reasons. I’ve grown to love and respect Peppa Pig.

If you want to relive more of D.C. United’s playoff elimination to the Columbus Crew SC, we’ve got you, whether it’s The Athletic, DC Sports Dork, Deadspin, SB Nation proper and WAMU.

D.C. United enters offseason with a sense of hope and a to-do list (WaPo): Goff provides a 30,000 foot view and we’ll get into the weeds as well, but I’d imagine not a lot of turnover occurs.

D.C. United reflects on ‘a hell of a run’ after season-ending loss (WaPo Express): Thomas Floyd provides similar but different content.

Treated with derision by some, Wayne Rooney’s debut MLS season has been an absolute triumph (The 42): Kind of an interesting read when contrasted against the other Manchester United player that joined MLS in the summer. To that end, Wazza is getting one last hurrah for England against the United States next week.

But that’s not the only surreal thing someone decided to mention Sunday:

Now I can’t really top that, so I’m going to go out and be a Dad for a bit.