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Sturridge betting charges, Jonathan Klinsmann call-up, and more: Freedom Kicks for 11/13/18

Also: SPACE.

Have you all seen First Man yet? I finally saw it over the weekend and loved it—but I’m a sucker for anything related to the Apollo missions/NASA/AMAZING FEATS OF HUMAN ACHIEVEMENT INVOLVING SPACE. I cried. I cry at documentaries about this stuff. I cry at the Apollo 8 Earthrise photo.

(If you would also like to cry at space documentaries, I particularly love: In the Shadow of the Moon (Amazon Prime), Mission Control (Netflix), and When We Left Earth (Discovery Channel—I actually bought this off YouTube and it is literally the only thing I’ve ever bought there). I also straight up love the Apollo 13 movie with Tom Hanks. Jim Lovell is my favorite Apollo astronaut.)

ANYWAY. I’m just killing time here because I wasn’t really paying attention to soccer yesterday and also I really do love NASA stuff. One of my greatest wishes is that we reach Mars in Buzz Aldrin’s lifetime.

Right. Soccer!

Dane Murphy appears to be D.C. United’s new Technical Director | B&RU

ICYMI yesterday.

LA Galaxy’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic named 2018 MLS Newcomer of the Year | MLS

weird flex but ok

Jonathan Klinsmann called up for United States friendlies vs. England, Italy | ESPNFC

weirder flex but ok

Match preview and how to watch: USA vs Scotland | Stars and Stripes FC

2 p.m. ET today on FS1!

Weston McKennie’s Hunger Ranges from Finding Tastes of Home to Seizing Opportunity

Am questioning the play on “hunger” in this headline.

Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge charged by FA over alleged betting breaches | The Guardian


All right, folks, I’m out. Share your own soccer things in the comments, or maybe share your favorite astronaut idk whatever you want bye!