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D.C. United tops off, Mix Diskerud fails up, Beckham United starts up? & more: Freedom Kicks for 1/29/18

Also, David Fincher because.

Jason Anderson

Hi. It was nice Saturday so we were outside. And it wasn’t yesterday, so we weren’t. Such as it is I guess.

D.C. United and fans celebrate topping-off new stadium (WTOP): Signed the beam earlier in the week, watched the event online. Things getting closer!

As Audi Field makes progress toward completion, D.C. United still has issues to resolve (WaPo): Not much new here, a widdling down of what they are talking about getting and not a who (yet), also the STH number of about 9,000 is about double what they were looking at five years ago.

Events D.C. unveils new designs for first phase of RFK stadium project (WBJ): Get ready for a new Lot 7!

NWSL makes it official: Boston Breakers to cease operations (The Bent Musket): This sucked when word first came out and still sucks now. The NWSL announcement is here if you’re a glutton for punishment.

Columbus Crew ownership bashes fans in Columbus for complications in moving team to Austin (The Comeback): Sure, ATX expresses skepticism for putting the Crew in parkland and it’s the Nordecke’s fault. Sure.

Manchester City win the battle to sign Mix Diskerud (Stars & Stripes FC): I, um, what?

Major League Soccer to make major announcement in Miami on Monday (MLS): So, um, is this happening, like really?

Inter Milan draw 1-1 at SPAL (Serpents of Madonnina): In partner club news, Inter gave up a goal late for a shared result with SPAL, keeping them 4th in Serie A between Lazio and AS Roma.

International soccer’s fight against racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia, in four charts (WaPo): A reminder that sometimes there’s a ways to go.

Finally, I’ve enjoyed David Fincher films for awhile (the commentary track with him, Brad Pitt and Edward Norton for Fight Club is one of the best out there), so when someone puts together a YouTube is his color palette choices and how it conveys suspense, I’m in: