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MLS preseason, Ezequiel Barco, Pontius to Galaxy: Freedom Kicks for 1/23/18

Sometimes this is still a Party Boy blog.

Gooood morning, good morning, good morning! Does anyone else feel like 2018 hasn’t done much to prove itself better than 2017? Because, woof. This year feels eternal already. And the MLS season hasn’t even started yet!

Anyway, here are some soccer things.

Armchair Analyst: As 2018 MLS preseason begins, here’s my top 10 | MLS

I don’t want to shock you, but D.C. United is not on this list.

Atlanta’s Ezequiel Barco signing is a watershed moment for MLS | Yahoo! Sports

So that’s one take. There’s also this next take...

Atlanta United’s ambitious signing of Ezequiel Barco will only matter if other MLS clubs step up too | SB Nation

I tend to agree here. That Atlanta is making these kinds of moves is notable and new and exciting, yes. But unless others follow suit, it’ll still just be an outlier and not indicative of the league as a whole.

USSF presidential candidates on NWSL | Stars and Stripes FC

Eric Wynalda, Steve Gans, and Kyle Martino weigh in.

The Only Thing Keeping Jack Harrison from Stoke is Dumb MLS Rules | Medium

MLS? Dumb rules?? This is brand new information!!

LA Galaxy sign MLS free-agent winger, SoCal native Chris Pontius | MLS

Okay so there’s not much to say here except *sigh* miss you, boo.

It wasn’t a ton, but it’s what I’ve got for you today. You know the drill—to the comments!