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D.C. United releases their 2018 primary jersey

And it is a looker

D.C. United new jersey crest D.C. United

In the buildup to the 2018 MLS SuperDraft, D.C. United has released their new primary jersey for their first season at Audi Field. Given that they are one of the few teams with black as their primary color, they will be wearing this jersey much more often than their secondary kit. I’m sure you’ve already seen the video with Jose Andres and Steve Birnbaum, so let’s dig into the jersey itself.

D.C. United jersey hanging D.C. United

The jersey continues the theme of stripes found on the last primary jersey, but they are no long sublimated. The red is now an accent color, found on the neckline, the MLS patch, and at the bottom of the jersey, and white seems to be mostly absent.

D.C. United new jersey crest D.C. United

The crest looks good over the new jersey, and all of the parts are textured in a way to make the grey pop out from the black.

2018 new jersey jock tag D.C. United

The jock tag is a cool nod to the boundary stones that surrounded the original District of Columbia (and which can still be found if you go hunting.)

What do you think of the new jersey?