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D.C. United vs. Columbus Crew, NASL suit update, and more: Freedom Kicks for 9/29/2017

Hello! Is anyone there?

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I’m at the beach! And one thing that I’ve learned about being at a mid-Atlantic beach a month after Labor Day is that virtually no one else is at the beach. It’s like the start of 28 Days Later, but no scenic shots of a normally bustling London, and instead of a shopping bag of belongings, I wandered around with some booze in a Solo cup. Pretty much the same, so hopefully when things get ugly there is a badass who can help me survive the wasteland.

OK, links!

Filibuster: D.C. United versus Columbus Crew preview | Black and Red United
Rather than burden everyone with a movie-length episode, we broke off the D.C. United vs. Columbus Crew portion of Filibuster to share yesterday. It’s because we’re nice and plan ahead, and not at all because we just thought of it moments before recording.

Paul Arriola | 24 Under 24 |
United’s record-setting transfer arrived after most of the polling for 24 Under 24 was done, but the voters correctly made room for him in the top 10 anyway.

Also, I’m almost certain that the first blurb about the transfer itself is from Peter Vermes.

Paul Arriola Made a Change, Now Seeks a Bigger Role | American Soccer Now
This is more in-depth, as there are extensive quotes from Arriola himself. He’s up front about his motivations for coming to United (namely, having to take on more responsibility for his side’s success).

Former Crew keeper Steve Clark happy with move to United | Columbus Dispatch
Steve Clark sounds like he’s made his peace with his departure from the Crew, and likes what he sees here in the District.

Columbus Crew SC has finally found its center back duo | Massive Report
At the start of the year, Josh Williams was the last center back on the Crew’s bench, and Jonathan Mensah looked like a train wreck. Since then, they’ve survived a formation change and pushes from multiple rookies for playing time to become starters on a team that is one win away from clinching a playoff spot. A lot can change in six months.

Crew Cuts: Crew SC wary of own goals as D.C. United visits | Columbus Dispatch
Once the jokes about more own goals are put aside, this piece points to a Columbus side who respect what they see out of the remodeled Black-and-Red, and who are looking to break a club record for home wins in a season.

NASL Braced for Lengthy Legal Battle but First Needs Immediate Win vs. U.S. Soccer | Sports Illustrated
Brian Straus brings you up to speed on the status of the NASL’s legal action against US Soccer.

Colorado Rapids striker Kevin Doyle has decided to hang his boots up, but it’s a choice he’s making to safeguard his health:

Credit Doyle for having the maturity to accept the advice and protect his brain by stepping away from the game that has been his livelihood for his entire adult life.

FIFA 18: Seven improvements we still crave for women's soccer | FourFourTwo USA
It’s really cool that the FIFA series has started including women’s teams, but it could be even cooler. My favorite idea here involves being able to unlock legends of the game. Dibs on Homare Sawa for my team’s midfield.

Nadia Nadim to join City |
Portland Thorns attacker Nadia Nadim’s well-known signing with Manchester City was finally confirmed yesterday. It’s a big loss for the Thorns, though owner Merritt Paulson says a significant replacement has already been lined up.

Pretty Good, episode 13: Randall Cunningham Seizes the Means of Production | SB Nation
Jon Bois released another fun oddity yesterday, and I’m linking it before I even watch because the others have been so good. Also, while I’m not really a fan of the NFL, I did enjoy wreaking people in Tecmo Super Bowl with “QB Eagles,” the game’s version of Randall Cunningham (they didn’t have the right to use his real name). I also won a fantasy football championship under the name QB Eagles. Personally, I think Cunningham should officially change his name to QB Eagles.

And now that I’ve watched it, I can confirm that it is in fact pretty good.

That’ll do for me. Circling back to the start, here’s something that came to mind when thinking more about 28 Days Later: