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MLS playoffs, USWNT things, and more: Freedom Kicks for 9/19/17

Praise be.

Good morning! You may have noticed I plumb forgot to do Freedom Kicks last Tuesday, and for that I do apologize. (Or maybe you didn’t notice and now I’ve pointed out my mistake, womp.) Life is busy! I’m moving to a new apartment this weekend and work has been a little bit cray.

But enough about me! I could never forget Freedom Kicks two weeks in a row, so here we are. Let’s get to the soccer!

Why MLS is considering a playoff overhaul, and why it's unlikely to happen | FourFourTwo

UGH I don’t CARE my team is so far from the playoffs IT’S LIKE WHAT EVEN ARE PLAYOFFS

USWNT shows solidarity with Denmark WNT | Stars and Stripes FC

You go, Danish ladies. You get that $$$.

Which character from “The Handmaid’s Tale” is your MLS team? | Angels on Parade

This is hilarious/terrible and I LOVE IT.

Jamaican standouts paying price for national team’s low FIFA ranking | Goal

“Players who play regularly for national teams ranked in the top 50 of FIFA's rankings qualify for work permits to play in England automatically. Jamaica is currently ranked 61st and hasn't been in the top 50 in more than a decade.” What the hell? It sucks to see that talented players can’t make moves because of something like this.

A Position Switch Altered Taylor Smith's Trajectory | American Soccer Now

I can’t say that I’m very familiar with Smith’s play so I can’t really comment on whether her move to defense will work out long-term, but it’s nice to see her bounce back after not getting drafted.

11 D.C. Fields Fail Safety Test As A Local Debate Over Artificial Turf Begins To Heat Up | DCist

Boy was this more info than I ever thought I needed or wanted about artificial turf fields. Give it a read though, it’s close to home.

That’s all I got, friends. To the comments!