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DCU roster changes, pro/rel in MLS, & more: Freedom Kicks for 8/8/17

Yes, I said pro/rel. Yes, I hate myself.

Whaddup, folks. Fancy seeing you here! You looking for Tuesday Freedom Kicks, too? That is excellent news, because I have them for you.

D.C. United trades Lamar Neagle back to the Seattle Sounders | B&RU
ICYMI yesterday, this happened.

Zoltan Stieber joins D.C. United ahead of MLS transfer deadline | The Washington Post
And this also happened.

Why it’s wrong to leave Ali Krieger stuck at 98 caps | Stars and Stripes FC
Logically I know that 100 is just a number blah blah blah but y’alllllll just give her the last two caps, this is a no brainer.

Diego Valeri's dreams, on and off the field, have come true in Portland | ESPNFC
Really enjoyed reading this.

On MLS’s weak link problem | TopDrawerSoccer
100% based on the title I thought this was going to be about playmakers or something. It’s actually about MLS’s investments (or lack thereof) in “middling” players rather than superstars/DPs. Grind, people!

Q&A: Why promotion and relegation isn’t coming to MLS anytime soon | SportsNet
Dare I even write the words pro/rel? Also, this Q&A is with Goff, which just feels very meta for Freedom Kicks.

That’s all from me, so make your way down to the comments to discuss and share more!