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Paul Arriola, MLS salaries, & more: Freedom Kicks for 8/15/17

tl;dr MLS is weird

Gooooood morning, folks! A happy Tuesday to you. I don’t have terribly much to share with you in today’s Freedom Kicks, but nonetheless, let us get to it!

D.C. United took a big first step towards catching up with the rest of MLS | B&RU

Ryan takes a look at DCU’s moves during the transfer window and general roster stuffs. Good read, so check it out if you haven’t yet.

D.C. United loans Julian Buescher to Rochester | B&RU

Sophomore slump :\

Major League Soccer's fear of the open market fuels its distorted pay scale | FourFourTwo

A lot of discussion about Arriola in here. I also award bonus points for the gif usage at the end.

Inflated salaries, terrible timing show the other side of MLS’ TAM initiative | FourFourTwo

Sometimes people who aren’t familiar with soccer, or are only familiar with non-MLS soccer, will ask me questions about MLS’s salary cap and other ~money things~ and I dread when they ask me because honestly I do not have all the answers. Anyway, here’s some stuff about TAM!

MLS plays by its ridiculous rules |

Again, lots of stuff about Arriola in this one.

Orlando Pride’s Ashlyn Harris uses battle with addiction, anger to show fans they are not alone | Orlando Sentinel

This is a lovely article about Ashlyn Harris. I have to say I didn’t know much about her outside of soccer, so it was nice to read this.

That’s all I’ve got, so hit the comments with the rest!