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USA! USA! USA! Free-for-all Freedom Kicks for July 4, 2017

Happy birthday, America!

Greetings, friends, and happy Fourth of July! Hope you all enjoy the day off doing whatever it is you like to do to celebrate America’s birthday.

And hey, also happy (happy?) D.C. United game day! The Black-and-Red take on FC Dallas tonight in Dallas, and hopefully the result won’t put a damper on our holiday evening even though ugh we all know it totally will. Our preview is coming up in an hour, along with a couple other articles.

As for Freedom Kicks, since it is Independence Day it seems fitting to make this a free-for-all. For freedom. I’ll start by asking whether you saw that DCU may be going after 19-year-old Bolivian forward Bruno Miranda, then I’ll also direct you to this article about USWNT star Megan Rapinoe and how she’s killing it right now.

Besides that, I’ll turn it over to you guys. What’s up, how’s it going?