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On Rooney to Everton, the MLS transfer window, & more: Freedom Kicks for 7/11/17

Also, stop being so great, Sweden.

Hello hello hello! It’s Tuesday, which means I’m here to serve you up some Freedom Kicks.

By the way, it’s gonna be 90+ degrees all week, and I just want to register my severe displeasure re: that.

Okay, soccer!

A preview of the MLS transfer window | B&RU

ICYMI: Ben looks at two positions D.C. United should address during the—dun dun DUN—MLS summer transfer window.

Armchair Analyst: As the window opens, a look at roster needs | MLS

And, you know, you may as well have another piece about the transfer window. This one looks at everyone else in MLS, too.

Boehm: Is the future finally now for Darren Mattocks? | MLS

I have no particular thoughts about the future or lack thereof for Darren Mattocks, but here’s an article about it!

Wayne Rooney Returns to Everton as a Champion but Not a Conqueror | The New York Times

To be honest I don’t have many thoughts on this either, because I don’t really follow the Premier League or the England national team. But I do find this move interesting, because to the extent that I do pay attention to the EPL, I didn’t really expect this.

Premier League clubs losing an average of £876,000 per day - study | ESPNFC

Well...that does seem concerning.

ESPN’s Presentation of UEFA Women’s EURO 2017(TM) Kicks off July 16 | ESPN

Hell yeah, let’s watch some soccer.

Stop shouting: how Sweden tackled misbehaving parents at kids’ football | The Guardian

Like, of COURSE Sweden addressed this. Those beautiful, happy, awesome, perfect people.

What else is up, folks? Hit the comments!