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USWNT legends stand up for little girl, Beckham gets a boost in Miami, & more: Freedom Kicks for June 7, 2017

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Road trips to the 305 might be on the calendar in 2019.

Morning, folks...welcome to Wednesday! Just one more day until the United States takes on Trinidad & Tobago in World Cup qualifying as well as the USWNT taking on Sweden, so let’s jump into it.

David Beckham finally secures land for Miami MLS stadium, boosting troubled expansion plans | Fox Soccer
MLS Miami (and David Beckham) clear a major hurdle with their land sale being approved by Miami-Dade County. Next up: Miami city approval.

Julie Foudy, Mia Hamm, Abby Wambach unite over girl kicked out tournament for “looking like a boy” | Stars & Stripes FC
Good on Julie Foudy, Mia Hamm and Abby Wambach for standing up for this young girl. Hopefully, the tournament officials learned a valuable lesson and these sort of moments won’t again occur.

Romelu Lukaku says he has agreement with new club, Everton return ‘not really an option’ | Fox Soccer
Romelu Lukaku is leaving Everton, but for which club? Chelsea? Manchester United? Somewhere else?

Rivalry more complex than you think for U.S. stars in Liga MX, El Tri in MLS | ESPNFC
A great look at our USMNT players who play in Mexico and how the rivalry affects them.

Two England fans have been banned for life for Nazi gestures | BBC
Bye, Felicia. This is unacceptable and England doesn’t need the support of these two.

That’s all I got for today...have at it in the comments!