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More on the USMNT Gold Cup roster, plus did you know FIFA is corrupt? Freedom Kicks for 6/27/17

Also included: that sweet 2017 MLS All-Star jersey.

Y’all, yesterday was such a Monday. Here’s hoping today is a little...Tuesday-ier. Let’s get right to it with some soccer stuffs.

Armchair Analyst: USMNT Gold Cup roster blends the old with the new | MLS

Because I know you can’t read too many pieces about the USMNT Gold Cup roster.

Kenny Saief Tells ASN: "This Is the Right Step for Me" | American Soccer Now

Speaking of that Gold Cup roster, hark, it’s a USMNT newbie! ASN catches up with Kenny Saief, who, yeah, I didn’t know about until like last week either. I can’t keep up, okay.

Stylish 2017 MLS All-Star Jersey unveiled ahead of match with Real Madrid | MLS

I enjoy that we are calling a product of denim jersey inspiration “stylish.” I enjoy it very much, and you know what, the jersey really does look neato.

Demba Ba, Eden Hazard among investors in NASL expansion team awarded to San Diego | Goal

I mean...ok, then. You guys do you.

Fox Sports Cuts Web Writing Staff to Invest More in Online Video | Bloomberg

Well, this is just shitty. Best of luck to everyone there who now has to find a new job. I look forward to scrolling past even more Fox Soccer videos in my Facebook newsfeed.

World Cup 2022: Claims of corruption in Qatar bid published in Germany | BBC

I for one would be shocked—shocked!—to learn that FIFA is corrupt and that the 2018/2022 bids weren’t legit. Shocked!

Infographic: What Marketers Need to Know About U.S. Soccer Fans | Adweek

We’re fashion forward! (And 40% female, whaddup.)

In world’s largest refugee camp, youth are drawn to soccer | AP

Ending with a quick little feel good story today. (Well, you know, war and refugee crises are not good. But soccer helping people is good.)

Actually, I lied, and we’re ending with this video:

Ok, now that’s really all from me today, friends. To the comments!