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MLS, USMNT, NWSL, Bundesliga, & more: Freedom Kicks for 6/20/17

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Plus: a special appearance by a very special animal.

Happy Tuesday! I’ve got a full slate for you all today, so let’s get to it.

DC United’s Star Muslim Goalie Balances Faith with Soccer | VOA

Brief profile on our man Bill Hamid.

World Cup status more secure, U.S. soccer shifts attention toward Gold Cup | The Washington Post

Some of Goff’s thoughts on what Bruce Arena’s Gold Cup roster may look like.

Parchman: Greatest MLS player of all time? Here's why it's David Villa | MLS

On principle, I cannot accept this, but on paper, I suppose I can entertain this idea.

Estefania Banini returns to the Washington Spirit | B&RU

Banini spent a season with Valencia in Spain but should now be returning to the Spirit to wear the #10.

Providence Sells Share of Soccer Marketing Business Back to MLS | Bloomberg

“By taking complete ownership of SUM, the league and its owners will no longer have to share the profits generated by the buying and selling of broadcast rights and corporate sponsorships, which are rising along with the popularity of soccer, and particularly MLS.”

VAR is a great idea traversing a bumpy opening patch | Top Drawer Soccer

Replay is a big change for soccer and, yeah, like any change it’ll be hard to implement well and get everyone used to it. Ultimately though, if it leads to more right calls, I can’t really hate.

Mexico has the talent for an overdue breakout World Cup, but will it get out of its own way? | Yahoo! Sports

I cannot abide Mexico winning any games ever, of course, but it’s obviously better competition for the U.S. if they’re good. We can’t be over here constantly struggling against the Trinidad & Tobagos of the region.

Cincinnati, Home Of Terrible Stadium Deals, Is Being Extorted For A New MLS Stadium | Deadspin

Do you know what Cincinnati is more importantly the home of? Fiona the baby hippo.

Eintracht Frankfurt appoint Helena Costa as Bundesliga’s first female scout | Bundesliga

This is the same woman who a few years ago was made head coach of a Ligue 2 team in France, if you remember that. The Bundesliga will also have its first female referee for the 2017-18 season!

Christian Pulisic: I could not transfer to Bayern Munich | PennLive

You saaaaay that, but many have succumbed to the pull of Bayern Munich.

And finally, this almost made me lol in a meeting room full of like 50 people yesterday:

Hit the comments with your thoughts and feelings + anything else, folks!