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World Cup 2026, USL (probably) to Baltimore, and more: Freedom Kicks for 5/9/17

Where is my Miroslav Klose appreciation prize though?

Question of the day: Is it just allergies or am I getting a cold? Unclear. Stay tuned, though, maybe I’ll have an answer in Friday’s predictions.

Let’s start today’s Freedom Kicks with some ICYMI D.C. United news—first, some stadium stuff, and second, no more Maxim Tissot. Feel free to discuss those in the comments if you didn’t yesterday (or if you have more to say!).

And now, more soccer things!

Why a league of parity is evolving into haves and have-nots | FourFourTwo

Pfffft who needs money for DPs when you could just grind out results? (Or not grind them out, as the case may be.)

U.S.-led 2026 World Cup bid looks strong - FIFA sources | ESPNFC

This article was a nice reminder that I need to start saving now for a World Cup match ticket.

United Soccer League eager to expand to Baltimore, executive says | The Washington Post

Ok ok ok

Parchman: Time to wake up to the MLS greatness in our midst in Dallas | MLS

“Whether FCD can win MLS Cup this year is an unsolved riddle, and will be for some months.” I mean, is it a riddle, or is it just the same question you could pose of any team in the league?

Arlington couple committed to one another — and to Bayern Munich | The Washington Post

Okay, Bastian Hundsteiger is an A+ name for a dog.

That’s all I got, folks! Hit the comments with your comments, you know the drill.