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Emre Can’s goal, predicting a USMNT Gold Cup roster, and more: Freedom Kicks for 5/2/17

Also, let women swear.

Welcome to Tuesday Freedom Kicks! I hope everyone else’s air conditioning is working because mine currently isn’t and let me tell you how not fun it is when your apartment is 84 degrees.

But let me also tell you about something that is actually fun: Black and Red United’s Last Season at RFK Meetup! We’ll be hanging out before the June 3 game against the LA Galaxy, and you should come eat, drink, and be merry with us!

More fun soccer things for you this morning in 3...2...1...

2017 Gold Cup: An early USMNT roster forecast | Stars and Stripes FC

Can we really predict who will be on Bruce Arena’s roster come tournament time? Nah. But it can still be fun to try.

Tottenham's superb season, gauging Bayern's success, Real Madrid's secret | ESPNFC

“The fact of the matter is that in the past 20 years, every single Bayern manager not named Jurgen Klinsmann has led the club to a German title.” Lol.

Why is Swearing in Women's Sports Taboo? | Sporting Chic

Yes yes YES to all of this. Please read this.

MLS Rowdies sounds good, but not sold on it happening | Tampa Bay Online

I found a lot of his argument pretty pedestrian (“MLS isn’t good!!!”), but ultimately, yeah, I don’t see MLS in Tampa Bay.

Premier League clubs to put a price on social media videos for sponsors | The Drum

#brand #brand #brand

Last but not least, did you guys see this bonkers goal yesterday?

And with that, I leave you to the comments!