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USMNT heading to Colorado, the future of World Cup qualifying, & more: Freedom Kicks for 4/4/17

“Why always me?” -Jermaine Jones

Merry Tuesday, folks, and welcome to Freedom Kicks! Let’s get right to it this morning.

What could the future of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying be? | Stars and Stripes FC

48 teams in a World Cup? Sure! Qualifying definitely won’t be totally nuts.

What FIFA's World Cup can learn from MLB's World Baseball Classic | FourFourTwo

For those of you still in Opening Day mode.

USMNT’s next World Cup qualifier set to be played in Colorado vs. Trinidad & Tobago | Fox Soccer

The pessimists among you will say that we can’t have another Snowclasico, but shhhhhhh

Jermaine Jones: 'The criticism is always on me' when the U.S. loses | ESPNFC

Mmmmm ok sure.

A fax away from destruction, Cosmos have new life in NASL under Commisso | Sports Illustrated

But like: “I haven’t been to an MLS or an NASL game at all,” Commisso said. “Largely because I’m one of those that understands who the best players in the world are, who the best leagues in the world are. When I want to watch a real soccer game, I wouldn’t go to watch New York City [FC]. I’ll watch Juventus. I’ll watch the Italian league. I’ll watch the Spanish league.”

Ramos Faces Big Decisions Ahead of U-20 World Cup | American Soccer Now

*side eyes Jonathan Klinsmann*

David Moyes apologizes for comments to reporter | NBC Sports

Here’s an idea: don’t say this kind of shit to women, or really, to anyone.

That’s all from me! Hit the comments with anything else, friends.