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D.C. United vs. Sporting Kansas City GIFs

We look at some things from the game.

When you see a scoreless draw between two teams on the first weekend of regular season such as the one D.C. United and Sporting Kansas City engaged in Saturday, it would be a problematic thing for someone to try and look at GIFs from a contest such as that. But we’ll give it a shot, and encourage you to drop in moments of your own, if you have a GIF machine accessible.

The first is Bill Hamid’s save of Benny Feilhaber’s free kick early in the game, which you’ve likely seen a bit, but I tried to preserve Feilhaber cursing in frustration at the end of the sequence.

The next sequence was one that TV didn’t fully capture, but was one where Dom Dwyer easily forced a less than prepared Sean Franklin off the ball off a restart, and was eventually fouled by Marcelo Sarvas, scrambling to stop something which could have been made worse after his slip. Pretty much summed up the night for both players.

Next up was the crazy sequence surrounding the Lloyd Sam corner kick. I saw Nick DeLeon’s chance curling inside the bar (the second one) and headed out, but didn’t see how close Jared Jeffrey got. Also there’s an alternate angle for further torture.

Finally was a last sequence where Rob Vincent had the ball, was looking for help and...dispossessed. Kind of sums the night up for United.