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Schweinsteiger to Chicago, USMNT gearing up for World Cup qualifying, and more: Freedom Kicks for 3/21/17

I’m telling you, Miroslav Klose will soon follow. Shhh.

Hello hello hello, friends! Apologies that Freedom Kicks is late this morning, but it does mean that I can start with some big news. So, probably my lateness was actually a smart move on my part and not just forgetfulness.

All right, vamos!

Chicago Fire sign German star midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger | MLS

It’s been a rumor for a while, and now it’s actually happened. Schweinsteiger hasn’t been getting playing time at Manchester United, but he’s still amazing as far as I’m concerned and, thus, I’m looking forward to him in this league. Don’t @ me.

USMNT lineup for upcoming World Cup qualifiers is an injury-ravaged mess | Yahoo! Sports

Yup, that sounds about right.

USMNT needs the Pulisic-Nagbe era to begin right now in World Cup qualifying | Stars and Stripes FC

Well, the USMNT certainly needs something, that’s for sure.

NWSL parity is just as vital as USWNT stars | Stars and Stripes FC

This is an interesting look at the whole USWNT-stars-going-to-Europe thing. European clubs may be able to pay players a lot more, but the tradeoff is that the level of competition may not be the same.

Why are English teams performing so badly in the Champions League? | The Red Bulletin

Lol. Idk, but lol.

Referee myth-busting: How many decisions do officials get right? | Sky Sports

*tries very hard not to descend into rant about D.C. United’s last game*

Report: Iniesta turns down Chinese offer, still mulling NYCFC move | The NYCFC Nation


Ok, that’s it from me! To the comments!