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For the love of soccer: Freedom Kicks for Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Soccer is great, you know?

Happy Valentine’s Day, fam! Apologies for the late Freedom Kicks this morning, but I 100% forgot that today is Tuesday.

Since I’m woefully unprepared, I thought this could be a Special Edition Free-for-All Freedom Kicks—we all obviously love soccer, and today is for celebrating love, so let’s talk about why we love the beautiful game. Your favorite players, teams, coaches, stadiums, games, sweet moves, fellow fans, etc.

Me? I, of course, love all things D.C. United, especially fun moments like getting Steve Birnbaum to point at my Birdbomb jersey. I love this blog and the fabulous writers and readers who make it awesome. I love Miroslav Klose, who was my gateway into soccer fandom in the first place. I love crumbling RFK with its bouncing stands and beer showers and broken seats.

Hit the comments with what you love about soccer, folks—I know there’s a lot. (Or, you know, just share whatever’s going on in soccer news right now. That’s cool too.)