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Gulati won’t run for re-election, USA to host WWC qualifying: Freedom Kicks for 12/5/17

Donald Wine 4 Prez

Hello! I heard we might get snow this week? BYE.

Ok it’s fine, I’m here. I’ll do Freedom Kicks. But I won’t entertain this notion of wintry precipitation, nope I will not.

Anyway, here are those Freedom Kicks.

Sunil Gulati decides not to run for re-election as U.S. Soccer president | ESPNFC

The news you’ve been waiting for is here, finally.

USA will host Women’s World Cup qualifying | Stars and Stripes FC

“Provided nothing goes catastrophically wrong, WWC quals should be routine for the United States and Canada...” Please let nothing go catastrophically wrong, omg.

Portland's Complete Superstar Diego Valeri Adds MLS MVP to His Accolades | Sports Illustrated

Strauss on Valeri, who won MVP handily.

How Colorado became an unlikely hotbed for U.S. women's soccer development | FourFourTwo

I really didn’t know anything about any of this, so I found it all super interesting. Definitely worth a read today.

Armchair Analyst: Time for FC Dallas to move on from Mauro Diaz? Not yet | MLS

100% honesty here: I didn’t read this! But maybe you care about FC Dallas and Mauro Diaz, and so I imagine you will care about this piece. Look, I’m here to bring the links, not necessarily to actually read them.

100 Best Men's Players and Managers in Football | ESPNFC

This is kinda fun to click around even if it doesn’t reveal anything super surprising or groundbreaking.

Group plans to replace Expo Center with arena, stadium | Austin American-Statesman

You gotta scroll a bit, but this article does mention soccer.

All right, I’m out! Hit the comments with anything else, folks.