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Friday Freedom Kicks: Misspelled shirts, angry sports parents, and name calling

Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend

What news comes this way on Friday? It is I, your Fantasy MLS writer and current Belgium resident, bringing you news from the future. To answer your questions: May of this year; yes they do put mayonnaise on fries, but not exclusively; and no, it doesn’t rain every day. Onward!

France’s Montpellier HSC gifts misspelled shirts to Montpelier, Vermont | New York Post
Just one L makes a lot of difference.

NCAA Women’s College Cup starts tonight | ESPN
Stanford, South Carolina, UCLA, and Duke

World Cup Draw - 10am ET | FIFA
Hold on, the World Cup draw is still happening even without the US?

Adults make longtime youth referee quit | ABC13
Don’t be a parent like these parents.

Anderlecht legend calls Celtic peasants and lumberjacks | Daily Record
Anderlecht, team of Andy Najar, is the local club here. They face Celtic next week in Champions League. This is getting fun because...

Celtic legend responds by calling Anderlecht legend a sour man | Voetbal Nieuws
I had to translate this because it’s in Dutch, not French, but I hope this back-and-forth continues.

C’est tout. Please regale me with comments and tell me what you put on your fries.