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Black Friday Freedom Kicks for 11/24/2017

MLS kept chugging along off the field despite yesterday’s holiday

Hello, I’m very full and maybe just a little drunk on Old Rasputin. Before you steel yourself for the bloodbath of consumerism that is Black Friday, take some time to read some stuff. I wish you well in the deathmatch that precedes your purchases. May the Mall-God imbue you with a divine rage!

D.C. United season review: Patrick Mullins
Guess what site was the only one to write anything new about D.C. United yesterday? That’s right, your favorite nerds.

Death to the Myth of MLS 4.0 | FiftyFive.One
I’ll let Wes Burdine sum up his own piece with this quote from near the end:

By pimping out fans, MLS runs the risk of auctioning off its chief asset and becoming just a less efficient NFL.

Bonus points for pointing out that Atlanta United has done a bunch of things that have been done before while missing out on a few things that normally seem to matter.

Reports: San Jose Earthquakes to name Sweden’s Mikael Stahre as new head coach | Center Line Soccer
It looks like Chris Leitch was more interim head coach with the Quakes than anything else, but it also looks like he’s still going to have a job in the front office. Maybe more importantly in a league that usually skews towards the same pool of coaches, San Jose appears to be looking towards someone with no experience in MLS.

Rapids sign Swedish midfielder Johan Blomberg | Burgundy Wave
Speaking of additions from Sweden, the Rapids sound like they’ve added a slightly lesser version of Zoltan Stieber.

Football: Anthony Hudson's move to MLS club Colorado Rapids a 'done deal' | NZ Herald
Speaking of the Rapids, it looks like the rumors that New Zealand boss Anthony Hudson is their new head coach are more than just rumors.

Some 20 Years Later, Bradley Builds MLS Expansion Team From Scratch Again | Sports Illustrated
Some good stuff in here about what LAFC is going to be about, but as an MLS Old the most interesting part of this in my book was the Lubos Kubik anecdote at the beginning.

And I’m done. There’s pie to eat, and the chances that I pass out on a couch watching some movie I’ve seen before are above 80%.