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U.S. Soccer president race, Tyler Deric, and more: Freedom Kicks for 11/2/2017

Gulati’s second-in-command is making a run for the top

Hello folks! I’m writing this while watching Game 7 so let’s get to the news.

Sunil Gulati's second-in-command will run for U.S. Soccer president - ESPN FC
Gulati's close friend and current U.S. Soccer vice president Carlos Cordeiro is going to run for president of U.S. Soccer.

Tyler Deric suspended after arrest for misdemeanor domestic assault - Dynamo Theory
Dynamo goalkeeper Tyler Deric is accused of domestic violence and has been suspended by MLS.

Federal judge to decide NASL's Division II fate by end of week - ESPN FC
The NASL decision will come soon.

D.C. United season review: Paul Arriola - Black And Red United
Jason reviews Paul Arriola's performance this season.

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Real Madrid: Final score 3-1, Spurs take control of Champions League group -
Tottenham’s win over Real Madrid was an eye-opener.

Finally, in important hair news:

That’s all I’ve got. Let me know in the comments what you’re reading.