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Fantasy Focus: The Curtain Falls

We have a new champion

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve reached the end. Before we close the book on the season, congratulations are due to Lallanas in pyjamas, who led the round with 118 points, primarily on the back of captain Nicolas Lodeiro (SEA, $12.5), who scored 40 points for his team, and led all players with 20 points.

All the plaudits this season go to No Name MLS, who wrestled the crown from !BL4CKnRED by posting 3406 points and a winning margin of just 30 points. !BL4CKnRED did not go down without a fight, scoring 110 points in the final round and narrowing the lead by 24 points. It wasn’t enough, and No Name MLS is our new champion. Rounding out the top three was HICKENHÖPPER FC, who was 150 points off of second place.

HICKENHÖPPER FC does not go home empty handed, as they went 30-0-3 in the head-to-head league, good for 90 points in the standings and a three-point winning margin.

So that’s it for 2017. Thank you all for playing this season. Let’s do it again next year.