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USMNT World Cup Qualifying, Christian Pulisic, Nashville in MLS: Freedom Kicks for 10/3/17

Plus, potential ~playoff drama~

G’morning, friends, and welcome to Tuesday Freedom Kicks. I have no witty opening this morning and so we’re heading right to the links, starting with the OBVIOUSLY most important one.

The 2017 Best-Dressed MLS Coach Bracket | MLS

Get your #BennyWatch on.

USMNT Roster for Final World Cup Qualifiers Holds Few Surprises, Hints at 3-5-2 | Sports Illustrated

Y’alllll things are getting a little too real with the USMNT’s World Cup qualifying. And I’m supposed to attend a friend’s birthday thing on Friday during the Panama game.

Toxic Talk: Bruce Arena Just Wants to Watch the World Burn Edition | Stars and Stripes FC

I’m here for the list of preferred roster players.

Will Christian Pulisic be the next big name in soccer? | 60 Minutes

I’m almost positive that the last time I watched 60 Minutes was for a Hamilton special, so you’re in good company, Christian Pulisic. (In all seriousness, this is a neat little feature.)

Nashville Unveils Stadium Funding Proposal as MLS Expansion Bid Becomes a Favorite | Sports Illustrated

Oh, snap.

Did FC Dallas violate FIFA rules in their 0-0 draw to Orlando City? | Big D Soccer


Barcelona in the strange and symbolic eye of a storm over Catalonia | The Guardian

This is a good read, through the lens of soccer, on what’s going on right now. Games with no fans are always odd, and I can’t imagine what that one must’ve been like.

That’s all, folks! You know the drill—comment away, and have lovely days.