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More farewells to RFK, FIFA’s best players, and more: Freedom Kicks for 10/24/17

I’m in denial about some things.

Gooood morning! I have Freedom Kicks for you all, and we’re just gonna get right to ‘em.

Final thoughts on an emotional day at RFK Stadium | B&RU

Ryan gives one last sendoff for RFK. You guyssss I think I’m still in denial just a little bit that we really won’t be there next year.

Europe-bound Hamid bids quiet farewell to D.C. United as RFK Stadium takes center stage | Goal

Something else I’m in denial about :(

This U-17 USMNT was exciting for the best and worst reasons | Stars and Stripes FC

Looking back on the tournament. While it didn’t end with a trophy, it does still feel a lot better than anything to do with the senior squad right now.

‘Everything that’s wrong with MLS’: Gutted Columbus Crew fans contemplate life without a team | FourFourTwo

This is from last week but man, I still can’t believe this situation. It’s just the worst. The. Worst.

Atlanta United to host 2018 MLS All-Star Game presented by Target | MLS

I’m curious as to who the opponent will be. Especially post-World Cup, since I’m assuming players in that tournament will be on vacation afterward?

Debatable Merit of 'The Best' Aside, How Much Longer Can Ronaldo, Messi Reign? | Sports Illustrated

Hopefully not that much longer because god I’m so bored of it.

Carli Lloyd misses out on repeat FIFA best player award | Stars and Stripes FC

And it’s honestly for the best. But...

Megan Rapinoe: 'Fifa doesn't care about women's football' | BBC

Hashtag things that don’t surprise us.

That’s it from me, so hit the comments with anything else and everyone have a lovely day.