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Columbus Crew to Austin?, Baby Yanks > Grown Up Yanks, and more: Freedom Kicks for 10/17/17

But to be clear, USWNT > all.

It seems so long ago that was I looking upon Tuesday Freedom Kicks with a naive sense of excitement about the USMNT and their road to Russia. Was that really just a week ago? Man, sorry to bring it up again, but I’m still not quite over it.

Unfortunately today’s Freedom Kicks isn’t totally devoid of World Cup woes articles, but I’ve got some other things for you guys too. Let’s start with something happy: The U-17 USMNT is not terrible!

Under-17s Crush Paraguay, on to World Cup Quarters | American Soccer Now
So all may not be totally lost.

(crashes through wall)
This is Jason, adding some links on some big news that came to light after Leanne was done for the night.

Barring New Downtown Stadium, Columbus Crew Will Move to Austin in 2019 | Sports Illustrated
Columbus Crew SC reportedly set to move barring new downtown stadium | Massive Report
Crew SC owner considers moving team to Austin, Texas | Columbus Dispatch
This really sucks. Austin has no downtown space and is a smaller media market than Columbus. Austin’s mayor reportedly says there would be no public funding for a stadium there. In essence, the Columbus Crew could be betraying an MLS original fanbase to walk into the same set of problems elsewhere.

(backs out through hole the wall-crashing created)

Breaking down Omar Gonzalez’s devastating own goal in the US’s loss to Trinidad & Tobago | Howler
Anyway, back to sad things. Maybe you want to relive this. I personally want to crawl into a hole and stay there forever at any mention of this game and anything that may or may not have happened in it.

USMNT to play European champs in first match since qualification humiliation | Stars and Stripes FC
I’m sure this will be great and not depressing!

Armchair Analyst: The USMNT squad I'd call in for the Portugal friendly | MLS
Bill Hamid and Paul Arriola with shouts here.

PRO’s officiating will get someone hurt if it hasn’t happened already | B&RU
I didn’t see the whole game Sunday, but I did see this play and I noticed immediately that Birnbaum was out cold. I was so surprised no one did anything that I thought I must’ve seen it wrong, but nope, that’s exactly what happened. It’s bonkers that play continued like that when a player was literally unconscious.

Is compensation from pros to U.S. youth clubs on the horizon? Attorney Lance Reich provides an update on the quest | Soccer America
Interesting content aside, the GIANT picture in the middle of this article is hilarious to me.

Tottenham 'astonished' by 'blatantly wrong and distasteful' Marca claim | ESPNFC
Okay, this story is like...what?

That’s all from me. Last week I wished you all well and told you to have fun watching the USMNT game which OBVIOUSLY YOU COULDN’T HAVE but hey, prob can’t get worse today, right?