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All the dead Christmas trees: Freedom Kicks Thursday October 12 2017

Despair, despair, despair!

Hello. I’d warn you about this being just super bleak and depressing but with how 2017 is going you should just assume that’s the case when you’re reading something here. On that cheery note, let the despair continue!

USMNT World Cup failure: Bad coaches to blame more than anything else -
Kevin McCauley put together a good analysis of this despair's causes.

USMNT coaching search: All the coaches they could target after World Cup qualifying failure -
A look forward if that's your sort of thing.

Ex-CONCACAF chief Jack Warner after U.S. loss - 'I wanted to party' - ESPN FC
Jack Warner had a happy day!

Chart shows how unlikely the United States' nightmare World Cup scenario was before it came true - Business Insider Singapore
Your despair: quantified!

One lesson from the USMNT’s failure to qualify for the World Cup - Angels on Parade
Things that seem inconceivable are actually quite possible and somehow that only sounds depressing.

Soccer coaches say USMNT’s big loss won’t be felt at the grass-roots level - The Washington Post
On the impact at the youth and lower levels.

The USMNT has missed the 2018 World Cup. What happens now? -
More future stuff.

‘Revenge Was Sweet’: Trinidad and Tobago Exults in Soccer Victory Over U.S. - The New York Times
The Trinidad & Tobago side of things...

Kaká announces he won't return to Orlando City in 2018 -
Things besides the USMNT happened?

Fox and Others Will Feel Pain of U.S. Absence at World Cup - The New York Times
While the US takes the prize for Worst Day, Fox didn't have a great day either business wise.

A Day of World Cup Magic, Around the World - The New York Times
Also: other soccer happened?? Apparently.

Stubbornness and lack of talent: the factors that doomed USA's World Cup - The Guardian
Some actual analysis and stuff

Mallory Pugh on USWNT roster for South Korea friendlies - Black And Red United
Spirit's Mallory Pugh is on USWNT roster for a pair of friendlies against South Korea.

Well, this has been great. Donald will be back tomorrow with an eyewitness account. More fun! More happiness!