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USMNT vs. Trinidad & Tobago, Durkin & Pugh shine: Freedom Kicks for 10/10/17

Plus: a story about cookies.

Friends, I am by no means an expert baker. I am, however, a baker of moderate ability who is not usually bested by a straightforward cookie recipe. Last night, I was tested. I wanted to try a recipe for pumpkin chai spice snickerdoodles—a fancy name for a simple cookie. It’s just snickerdoodles with pumpkin added, rolled in not just cinnamon sugar, but cinnamon sugar with additional spices. These cookies are well within my skill set; I have attempted and succeeded at more difficult bakes.

I was nearly thwarted at every turn. The butter in my fridge had long expired; I had to procure new butter. I almost added twice the amount of pumpkin called for and had to scoop out the extra while eyeing what the correct amount should be. The dough was far too loose to form into any sort of shape, let alone roll in cinnamon sugar, and the kitchen was hot so everything was just kind of melting on me.

I soldiered on, though. The result was actually a decent batch of cookies that possibly have less pumpkin than they’re supposed to but will certainly suffice for the three boys who will eat them during the USMNT game tonight.

Speaking of the USMNT game (check out that smooth transition), it’s tonight! Trinidad & Tobago! Russia 2018 is nigh! Unsurprisingly, Freedom Kicks is heavy on the USMNT today.

Armchair Analyst: Tactical preview of USMNT at T&T World Cup qualifier | MLS
My expert analysis: win win win win win win win win win win win

A solid result vs. Trinidad separates U.S. from a World Cup berth. That, and a moat. | The Washington Post
Another preview, this time with plenty to say about the river around the field in T&T yesterday.

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Jason looks back on the Panama game, among other things.

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A recap of the USMNT’s latest game in the U-17 World Cup. Shout out to Chris Durkin here!

Chris Durkin shines as USA U-17s beat Ghana 1-0 | B&RU
As stated, Durkin is doing good things in the U-17 World Cup.

Mallory Pugh named 2017 Washington Spirit MVP and Golden Boot Award winner | Washington Spirit
Reports that Mallory accepted the award with pugh pugh pugh finger guns are unconfirmed.

The making of Pirlo: 'From an early age, I knew I was better than others’ | FourFourTwo
I’ll be honest, I haven’t read this yet because it’s a little long and the cookie incident last night left me scrambling to pull together FKs for today. But, you know, I think it’s about Pirlo or something.

That’s all, folks! Enjoy the USMNT game tonight, but have lovely days before that too.