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Indy wants in, wrapping up USMNT vs. Serbia, and more: Freedom Kicks for 1/31/17

How many MLS teams is too many MLS teams?

It is honestly a miracle I’ve managed to put anything together for Freedom Kicks this morning. I’m running on empty, folks. Plz do more of my job for me in the comments (and while you’re at it, if you’d like to do my actual job for me, hit me up).

Indianapolis will become 12th city applying for MLS expansion | Sports Illustrated

Moar MLS!

USA vs Serbia, 2017 Friendly: What We (Kinda) Learned | Stars and Stripes FC

TBD on what this Camp Cupcake ends up doing for the USMNT longer-term.

Commentary: What the Champions League format change means for MLS clubs |

It means that we’ll still have #MLS4Whoever hashtags that don’t help us win the CCL.

Gulati says U.S. WC bid 'secondary' to President Trump immigration ban | ESPNFC

At least in 2026 Trump can’t be president.

Ben Olsen’s face should be immortalized | Black and Red United


That’s all I’ve got in me today. Fill in the gaps in the comments!