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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Get your #DosACero hashtags ready

And then also put on your musical theater casting director hat.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings on this fine Tuesday, friends. How are we all today? I'm currently making my way through an entire bag of cough drops whose wrappers have "pep talks" on them like "Fire up those engines!" and "Turn 'can do' into 'can did'!" and "Just will yourself to stop coughing!"

Okay so they don't have the last one, but they may as well. I don't need your pep talks, Halls cough drops! I don't need to "Elicit a few 'wows' today!"!!

Anyway, soccer.

"Happy and healthy" Joanna Lohman excelling for the Washington Spirit - Black And Red United
ICYMI yesterday, our own Caitlin Buckley spoke with Joanna Lohman and you should read the interview.

USA vs. Mexico in the Hex: Location, TV, Ticket details - Stars and Stripes FC
#DosACero!! Also here's a hype video to get you HYPE:

Christian Pulisic and Landon Donovan follow eerily similar paths | The Washington Post
Guys there's still room on the Pulisic train, just saying.

Megan Rapinoe won’t be punished; USWNT may go on strike |
Also in here is some stuff about women on the FIFA Council. Spoiler alert: FIFA does not much care about what pesky women think.

Behind the red mist of Roy Keane | These Football Times
You want thousands of words on Roy Keane? I'll give you thousands of words on Roy Keane!

German Club Fires Coach on Bus Ride Home From Another Loss | VICE Sports
Yeah, so it's not the kindest of approaches.

That's almost all from me. I'll leave you with this Hamilton-themed poll, JUST BECAUSE, and then you can get back to soccer in the comments.