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Profile-ific: D.C. United & Sundry Soccer Links for 16 September 2016

Profiles of Vincent, Igboananike, and Birnbaum are just some of the highlights of today's Friday Freedom Kicks.

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Today is National Guacamole Day.

Check out what D.C. United's new stadium will look like | FOX Sports: There will be parklets. You will adore them. You will want parklets in your backyard and at your place of work.

Former Everton prospect rediscovers passion for the game after taking on Lampard and Drogba | Yahoo Sports UK: Great profile of D.C. United's newest go-to midfielder Rob Vincent. But what is "the University of West Virginia" and how is it in Charleston? Oh, they meant the University of Charleston, in West Virginia.

Kennedy Igboananike struggling to make his presence felt with D.C. United | Washington Times: The man sounds frustrated. He needs a good Chris Farley from the Commentariat, directed at Olsen.

Steve Birnbaum: U.S. national team defender, D.C. United goal scorer | Washington Post: "Am I ready to switch the formation with Steve and Mullins up top? Not yet, but it's crossed my mind."

Megan Rapinoe returns to taking knee for national anthem | Well, she kneeled for the U.S. anthem, stood for the Thai anthem, and the USWNT proceeded to score 3 goals in the first 4 minutes and then win 9-0.

Fire v DC United match preview | Chicago Fire Confidential: Oh, yeah. There's a game tonight!

Soccer-Inter stunned by Be'er-Sheva, United beaten by Feyenoord | Yahoo Sports: Partner news!

Summer workers launch international soccer tourney in Provincetown | Wicked Local Cape Cod: J-1 visa cultural-exchange "students" (also known as cheap exploitable white labor for the shore) are making the most of it.

Italian-American: Playing youth soccer in Italy | SoccerAmerica: This is just a great story by a dad who uprooted his family from California to have his young son learn soccer in Italy. "It didn't take long for my son to understand that despite his skill on the ball, in Italy teamwork is the central focus, the everything for soccer here. At the first team practices, my son learned to clap, skip and jump in synch with his team. Often doing simple drills over and over until each player learned to move in perfect unison with his teammate."

National Soccer Coaches Association Takes Concussion Safety Head On | PRWeb: Speaking of youth soccer, the NSCA has developed a thirty-minute training video on heading techniques to minimize concussions. This is the press release, and you can follow through the links to watch the video. It's free, but you have to register.

And your Friday Freedom Kicks treat is this MinutePhysics video explaining how long it would take for you to fall straight through the Earth to the other side, which would be a-ma-zing.

Commentariat, fill in the blank.